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1.1694,49 m²675.070,00 €
2.01113,73 m²723.240,00 €
2.1349,60 m²367.960,00 €
2.1651,00 m²375.110,00 €
2.2049,60 m²380.300,00 €
2.2351,00 m²387.700,00 €
2.2431,59 m²281.930,00 €
2.2631,62 m²288.830,00 €
2.2750,15 m²392.650,00 €
2.3051,56 m²397.770,00 €
2.3131,73 m²289.840,00 €
2.38141,10 m²1.205.619,00 €
2.39145,4 m²1.238.960,00 €
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0180,50 m²
03115,91 m²
0478,00 m²
0561,87 m²
0678,00 m²
07181,34 m²
0878,00 m²
09181,34 m²
1078,00 m²
11182,56 m²
1278,76 m²
13216,64 m²
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1.0184,62 m²
1.0251,06 m²
1.0370,59 m²
1.04132,84 m²
1.0575,68 m²
1.0671,45 m²
1.07132,88 m²
1.0875,68 m²
1.0971,45 m²
1.10132,88 m²
1.1175,68 m²
1.1271,35 m²
1.13132,88 m²
1.1475,68 m²
1.1571,35 m²
1.16133,65 m²
1.1776,40 m²
1.1871,87 m²
1.19110,96 m²
1.20140,78 m²
2.0182,86 m²
2.0287,27 m²
2.0393,31 m²
2.0498,77 m²
2.0593,31 m²
2.0698,81 m²
2.0793,31 m²
2.0898,81 m²
2.0993,63 m²
2.1098,37 m²
2.1194,33 m²
2.1299,11 m²
2.13163,05 m²

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Leipziger Platz 14, 10117 Berlin-Ger­many

Exposé am Com­ple­tion: 1st quar­ter 2021

“Am Win­ter­feldt”, a build­ing plot of approx. 6,017 sqm, is locat­ed in the mid­dle of the live­ly cul­tur­al neigh­bor­hood in the Berlin dis­trict of Schöneberg between Win­ter­feldt­platz and Akazien­straße.
As the head plot of a long his­tor­i­cal Berlin build­ing block, adja­cent to the St. Matthias church, the Hein­rich Von Kleist Park, the Cham­ber court Berlin (Kam­merg­ericht Berlin) and oth­er sev­er­al his­tor­i­cal build­ings, the build­ing project is impres­sive due to its promi­nent loca­tion and his­tor­i­cal site.

The project con­sists of a 7‑storey perime­ter block devel­op­ment with a spa­cious and green inner court­yard. The inner court­yard with its suf­fi­cient play and recre­ation areas is exclu­sive­ly reserved for the res­i­dents. The archi­tec­tur­al lan­guage takes up the clas­sic town house rules of the his­tor­i­cal Berlin build­ing block and com­bines them with a con­tem­po­rary abstrac­tion to cre­ate a link to the sur­round­ing large his­tor­i­cal build­ings, which inte­grate the project into the cur­rent urban con­text. High-qual­i­ty nat­ur­al stones pro­vide the anchor­age of the base in the urban space and the clear facade struc­tures sup­port the rep­re­sen­ta­tive char­ac­ter of the ensem­ble.

Com­ple­tion: 2022


“Am Win­ter­feldt” is locat­ed in the diverse and hip dis­trict of Schöneberg.
The dis­trict con­nects the Tier­garten with the City West and is char­ac­terised by its char­ac­ter­is­tic neigh­bour­hoods, which make it a pop­u­lar place to live.

With more than 3.6 mil­lion inhab­i­tants, Berlin is the most pop­u­lat­ed city in Ger­many and, at 892 km², the largest city in terms of area. Thanks to its excel­lent infra­struc­ture, its advan­ta­geous geo­graph­i­cal loca­tion with­in Europe and its high qual­i­ty of life, the metrop­o­lis has become a pop­u­lar loca­tion for invest­ments, inter­na­tion­al com­pa­nies and hous­ing. This is also notice­able in the real estate mar­ket where Berlin main­tains its sole as a mag­net for many peo­ple from around the world seek­ing to live or invest in Berlin, which con­tributes to the on-going increase in the lev­el of migra­tion into the city.

The project is named after Win­ter­feldt­platz, which is a few min­utes’ walk away and where Berlin’s largest week­ly mar­ket is held. Numer­ous bars, restau­rants and cafés around the adja­cent streets invite you to linger and paint a pic­ture of the Nol­len­dorf and Win­ter­feldt neigh­bour­hood. Small shops for select­ed cloth­ing, flow­ers, gifts and fur­nish­ings line up in the imme­di­ate vicin­i­ty in the Akazienkiez, cre­at­ing a pleas­ant, live­ly atmos­phere in this res­i­den­tial area.

The project ben­e­fits not only from its cen­tral loca­tion with­in Berlin, but also from the excel­lent pub­lic trans­port con­nec­tions. From the near­by under­ground sta­tions Nol­len­dorf­platz, Bülow­straße and Kleist­park, the under­ground lines U1, U2, U3, U4 and U7 lead to all parts of the city, so that the Zool­o­gis­ch­er Garten, Pots­damer Platz and Alexan­der­platz can be reached in a short time.

Many gal­leries and artists have set­tled along Bülow and Pots­damer Strasse, con­tribut­ing to the strong cul­tur­al devel­op­ment and offer­ing a wide range of activ­i­ties. If you fol­low the lat­ter, you will quick­ly reach the Kul­tur­fo­rum with the Neue Nation­al­ga­lerie and final­ly reach Pots­damer Platz with all its shop­ping and event facil­i­ties.

In the City West the KaDeWe at Wit­ten­berg­platz and the promi­nent Kur­fürs­ten­damm with all kinds of retail out­lets and sights such as the “Gedächt­niskirche” and the Berlin Zoo are all a short dis­tance away.

Every­thing at a glance

We look for­ward to wel­com­ing you to D&H new res­i­den­tial cre­ation for many years to come

In all, a total of 7 inde­pen­dent hous­es with 229 res­i­den­tial and com­mer­cial units will be erect­ed, whose floor plans pro­vide a con­tem­po­rary answer to indi­vid­ual needs for mod­ern liv­ing.

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