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Wilhelmsaue 32go to project website
1.07+1.08149,23 m²1.009.130,00 €
1.1694,49 m²675.070,00 €
2.01113,73 m²723.240,00 €
2.09**51,00 m²387.520,00 €
2.1349,60 m²367.960,00 €
2.1651,00 m²375.110,00 €
2.2049,60 m²380.300,00 €
2.2351,00 m²387.700,00 €
2.2431,59 m²281.930,00 €
2.2631,62 m²288.830,00 €
2.2750,15 m²392.650,00 €
2.3051,56 m²397.770,00 €
2.3131,73 m²289.840,00 €
2.3468,24 m²513.760,00 €
2.3571,89 m²541.350,00 €
2.38141,10 m²1.205.619,00 €
2.39145,4 m²1.238.960,00 €
Schlüterstraße 18go to project website
0181,51 m²
03115,91 m²
0478,91 m²
0561,87 m²
0678,91 m²
07181,34 m²
0878,91 m²
09181,34 m²
1078,91 m²
11182,56 m²
1279,69 m²
13216,64 m²
Wieland & Pestalozzigo to project website
1.0184,62 m²
1.0251,06 m²
1.0370,59 m²
1.04132,84 m²
1.0575,68 m²
1.0671,45 m²
1.07132,88 m²
1.0875,68 m²
1.0971,45 m²
1.10132,88 m²
1.1175,68 m²
1.1271,35 m²
1.13132,88 m²
1.1475,68 m²
1.1571,35 m²
1.16133,65 m²
1.1776,40 m²
1.1871,87 m²
1.19110,96 m²
1.20140,78 m²
2.0182,86 m²
2.0287,27 m²
2.0393,31 m²
2.0498,77 m²
2.0593,31 m²
2.0698,81 m²
2.0793,31 m²
2.0898,81 m²
2.0993,63 m²
2.1098,37 m²
2.1194,33 m²
2.1299,11 m²
2.13163,05 m²

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Leipziger Platz 14, 10117 Berlin-Ger­many

TOP-LEVEL home ameni­ties



Time­less design and har­mo­nious­ly coor­di­nat­ed con­trasts bring out the very best in urban chic. Cool gray meets col­or­ful ele­ments; tall, light-flood­ed win­dows cre­ate the per­fect set­ting for the care­ful­ly select­ed fur­ni­ture. Exclu­sive wood ele­ments in soft earth tones enhance mod­ern wardrobes. Atmos­pher­ic light­ing accents the fine fur­ni­ture and well-planned kitchens. Com­fort­able seat­ing offers views over land­scaped ter­races and the rooftops of the city.

Through close coop­er­a­tion with expe­ri­enced archi­tects and design­ers, Dia­mona & Har­nisch offers the pos­si­bil­i­ty of direct­ly imple­ment­ing exclu­sive cus­tomer wish­es with regard to the design of the apart­ments. A high lev­el of equip­ment plan­ning and fur­nish­ing is a pre­req­ui­site for this, in order to pro­vide the buy­ers with the best pos­si­ble sup­port and exten­sive advice to final­ly realise their ideas.

The inter­play of design and spa­tial use is at the fore­front of the con­cep­tu­al design: from the equip­ment to the fur­ni­ture and light­ing, every detail is planned with the spe­cial­ist plan­ners and always exe­cut­ed with func­tion­al­i­ty and qual­i­ty in mind.

Only select­ed and high-qual­i­ty mate­ri­als are used, which reflect the ele­gant and con­tem­po­rary archi­tec­ture and car­ry it inside. Real wood par­quet floor­ing with all-round frieze, exquis­ite large-for­mat tiles and styl­ish fit­tings cre­ate an exclu­sive liv­ing expe­ri­ence that meets the high­est stan­dards.

In all our projects, where ele­gance meets a per­fect charm of a bygone peri­od, we have tried to cre­ate a per­fect and sub­dued har­mo­ny com­bin­ing nat­ur­al col­ors with the sen­su­al­i­ty of clear forms –
com­bin­ing indus­tri­al design accen­tu­at­ed by wood, lime­stone and brick to give all the per­fect inter­pre­ta­tion of mod­ern liv­ing in the heart of Berlin.




As a ser­vice to our cus­tomers, we can now upon your choice ful­ly fur­nish your new apart­ment. Our design­ers have cre­at­ed a ful­ly fur­nished con­cept which you can now choose to imple­ment in your new apart­ment.

If you so desire, we will ful­ly fur­nish your new unit reliev­ing you from the has­sle and bus­tle of going your­self through such an end­less process.