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Wilhelmsaue 32go to project website
1.1694,49 m²675.070,00 €
2.01113,73 m²723.240,00 €
2.13***49,60 m²381.880,00 €
2.2049,60 m²380.300,00 €
2.2431,59 m²281.930,00 €
2.2631,62 m²288.830,00 €
2.2750,15 m²392.650,00 €
2.38141,10 m²1.205.619,00 €
2.39145,4 m²1.238.960,00 €
Schlüterstraße 18go to project website
0180,50 m²
03115,71 m²
0478,00 m²
0561,87 m²
0678,00 m²
07181,34 m²
0878,00 m²
09181,09 m²
1078,00 m²
11182,29 m²
1278,76 m²
13215,91 m²
Wieland & Pestalozzigo to project website
1.0184,62 m²
1.0251,06 m²
1.0370,59 m²
1.04132,84 m²
1.0575,68 m²
1.0671,45 m²
1.07132,88 m²
1.0875,68 m²
1.0971,45 m²
1.10132,88 m²
1.1175,68 m²
1.1271,35 m²
1.13132,88 m²
1.1475,68 m²
1.1571,35 m²
1.16133,65 m²
1.1776,40 m²
1.1871,87 m²
1.19110,96 m²
1.20140,78 m²
19+20254,28 m²
2.0182,86 m²
2.0287,27 m²
2.0393,31 m²
2.0498,77 m²
2.0593,31 m²
2.0698,81 m²
2.0793,31 m²
2.0898,81 m²
2.0993,63 m²
2.1098,37 m²
2.1194,33 m²
2.1299,11 m²
2.13163,05 m²
212+21393,71 m²
213+212158,84 m²
Licht45go to project website
1.0.3337,64 m²236.590,00 €
1.0.3425,39 m²160.910,00 €
1.1.154,99 m²337.080,00 €
1.1.247,48 m²298.450,00 €
1.1.352,95 m²324.580,00 €
1.2.155,04 m²343.110,00 €
1.2.247,48 m²315.710,00 €
1.2.353,50 m²347.400,00 €
1.3.154,52 m²359.690,00 €
1.3.247,51 m²320.850,00 €
1.3.353,49 m²352.900,00 €
1.4.154,70 m²369.400,00 €
1.4.2*47,59 m²343.730,00 €
1.4.353,77 m²363.120,00 €
1.5.146,16 m²314.130,00 €
1.5.343,02 m²292.760,00 €
2.0.133,20 m²205.240,00 €
2.0.235,08 m²216.860,00 €
2.0.335,10 m²216.980,00 €
2.0.432,88 m²203.260,00 €
2.1.127,12 m²181.740,00 €
2.1.229,85 m²200.030,00 €
2.1.329,39 m²196.950,00 €
2.1.426,95 m²180.600,00 €
2.2.126,99 m²183.670,00 €
2.2.232,12 m²218.580,00 €
2.2.328,96 m²197.080,00 €
2.2.426,98 m²183.600,00 €
2.3.157,51 m²379.420,00 €
2.3.253,87 m²355.400,00 €
2.4.180,53 m²539.660,00 €
2.4.277,97 m²522.500,00 €

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Leipziger Platz 14, 10117 Berlin-Germany

D & H Pro­jek­t­man­age­ment GmbH, Leipziger Platz 14, D‑10117 Berlin

Exposé Devel­oped by Com­ple­tion: 1st quar­ter 2021

The plot of 14,780 sqm is devel­oped into 14 hous­es with a total of 182 flats. The build­ing sec­tions offered here­in —A, B and L com­prise a total of 40 flats. The flat sizes in all 3 build­ings range from 65 to 160 sqm. This vari­ety of sizes will be attracive to a broad-based ten­ant spectrum.


Hous­es A and B com­pris­ing 29 of the apart­ments, con­sti­tute togeth­er a sep­a­rate plot and hence a sep­a­rate con­do­mini­um own­ers’ asso­ci­a­tion. Build­ing L, which forms part of the rest of the build­ing ensem­ble com­pris­es a total of 11 flats.


The ele­gant façades of the build­ings will be com­plet­ed by mid-year 2021. The plans by archi­tect Sergei Tchoban empha­sise vari­ety. Brick mason­ry, con­crete ele­ments and clas­sic fin­ish alter­nate in classy vari­a­tions – recog­nis­ably urban and design-con­scious. Each build­ing fea­tures a unique­ly designed façade.

Com­ple­tion: Q2 / 2021


The SCHOENEGARTEN project is locat­ed in the Tier­garten dis­trict of the trendy bor­ough of Mitte. Liv­ing here means to be home to the city’s heart­land – between the pres­ti­gious KaDeWe depart­ment store and Berlin’s most famous square, Pots­damer Platz. All of which are with­in a short walk­ing dis­tance nearby.

The cen­tral res­i­den­tial loca­tion boasts excel­lent pub­lic trans­porta­tion links. The near­by under­ground stops “Nol­len­dorf­platz” (served by sub­way lines U1, U2, U3, and U4) and “Kur­fürsten­strasse” (U1 and U3) offer ser­vice con­nec­tions to the rest of the city, putting the zoo, Pots­damer Platz and Alexan­der­platz with­in easy reach.

At the same time, there are plen­ty of green areas in the vicin­i­ty that lend them­selves to sport­ing activ­i­ties as much as to leisure­ly pic­nics. Landwehrkanal with its grassy banks, the park­lands of the famous Tiergarten—often con­sid­ered Berlin’s equiv­a­lent to New York City’s “Cen­tral Park”—and the Gleis­dreieck Park from where cycle lanes extend all the way into the sub­urbs, are all less than a kilo­me­tre away.

The SCHOENEGARTEN project lies with­in easy reach of the KaDeWe depart­ment store, the Kul­tur­fo­rum clus­ter of cul­tur­al venues (includ­ing the Phil­har­mon­ic Hall and the Nation­al Gallery) and Pots­damer Platz with its many shop­ping and enter­tain­ment options. Down­town West Berlin with its high-street boule­vard Kur­fürs­ten­damm is close at hand while a 10-minute under­ground ride will take you to Friedrich­strasse, for­mer East Berlin’s prime high-street pitch. Sev­er­al under­ground lines and a num­ber of bus lines pro­vide pub­lic trans­port con­nec­tiv­i­ty in every direction.

Yet you don’t have far to go for cul­tur­al and leisure attrac­tions because there are plen­ty on hand right out­side your door. Just 500 metres away lies the time-hon­oured Vari­eté Win­ter­garten which has amused crowds for more than a hun­dred years. Anoth­er venue with­in walk­ing dis­tance is Berlin’s Phil­har­mon­ic Hall, which hosts the most renowned soloists from all over the world. Your walk to the con­cert hall will also take you past the New Nation­al Gallery and the Gemälde­ga­lerie muse­um of old mas­ters, all of which are part of the Kul­tur­fo­rum clus­ter of cul­tur­al institutions.

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* Log­gias, ter­races and bal­conies were includ­ed in the liv­ing space with 50% of the usable area. Plans are not to scale.
The fur­ni­ture is for illus­tra­tion pur­pos­es only and is not part of the equipment.

Devel­oped by a third par­ty for and on behalf of D&H